Friday, June 22, 2007

Wave Invasion meets The Ventures, 2

. . . But there's a story behind the story. As Wave Invasion guitarist Vince Motel tells it: "Because as CEO of Guitars and Audio Stuff I'm a dealer for Wilson Bros. Ventures Guitars, I have a working relationship with Don Wilson and his son Tim - who own the company in Seattle.
"The week before the show Tim called and invited me to their show at Morongo Casino. Then on Tuesday before the show I got a call from Don asking if I had or could get a Gibson Chet Atkins nylon string solid body guitar that they could use for the show on Friday night. He said they couldn't find theirs. It later turned up with Bob Bogle in Oregon.
"I told Don I didn't have one but I'd check around. One showed up on Craig's List the next day and I bought it from the owner in Culver City, CA. I put in a fresh battery and made sure the guitar was working.
"I called Don and told him I had it. He was excited to hear that since there's a section in their show where Gerry McGee plays several songs with it. The next day I took it to the show in time for the sound check and they used it onstage that night for three songs - including 'Classical Gas.'" For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.

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