Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TradeBit digs 'Which Way to the Beach?'

The Internet's TradeBit listened to Wave Invasion's "Which Way to the Beach?" and liked what it heard. Under the surfing guitar instrumental rock genre, it described the band's sound as seeming "like it's a gentle day at the beach, but it soon comes at you like a giant Tsunami of sound . . . Non traditional surf songs done in a surf style . . . They have an ear-catching sound that is dynamic and infectious."

Guitarist Vince Motel
, pictured, is behind many of the band's driving leads. "Not content to play the standard Surf repertoire, Wave Invasion has created their own sound and their own genre," TradeBit said. "They really don't fit into any of the standard music categories and audiences love the twists and turns they throw into every arrangement, to say nothing of the power and intensity of their performances. 'You never know what they'll play next' is often heard at one of their concerts." For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Wave Invasion meets The Ventures, 1

When Don Wilson, guitarist for the revered '60s instrumental band The Ventures, ("Walk Don't Run," "Surf Rider," "Perfidia") needed a Gibson Chet Atkins nylon string solid body guitar for a June 2007 appearance at Casino Morongo in Cabazon, CA, he called on Wave Invasion's Vince Motel for help. On only a couple days' notice, Vince found the guitar The Ventures was seeking and the rest - as they say - is surf music history. An appreciative Wilson thanked Vince several times from the stage during The Ventures' awesome show. For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.

Wave Invasion meets The Ventures, 2

. . . But there's a story behind the story. As Wave Invasion guitarist Vince Motel tells it: "Because as CEO of Guitars and Audio Stuff I'm a dealer for Wilson Bros. Ventures Guitars, I have a working relationship with Don Wilson and his son Tim - who own the company in Seattle.
"The week before the show Tim called and invited me to their show at Morongo Casino. Then on Tuesday before the show I got a call from Don asking if I had or could get a Gibson Chet Atkins nylon string solid body guitar that they could use for the show on Friday night. He said they couldn't find theirs. It later turned up with Bob Bogle in Oregon.
"I told Don I didn't have one but I'd check around. One showed up on Craig's List the next day and I bought it from the owner in Culver City, CA. I put in a fresh battery and made sure the guitar was working.
"I called Don and told him I had it. He was excited to hear that since there's a section in their show where Gerry McGee plays several songs with it. The next day I took it to the show in time for the sound check and they used it onstage that night for three songs - including 'Classical Gas.'" For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

At the International Surfing Museum

Wave Invasion not only features classic surf songs, but also guitars, amplifiers and drums fitting the genre - as evidenced by its set-up during a Summer 2006 appearance at the International Surfing Museum in Huntington Beach, CA. The authentic sound of surf guitars echoed through the streets of Surf City, USA on a Sunday afternoon. For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.

The Dirt on Wave Invasion's 'TGTBATU'

"Enio Morricone's magical "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" is all decked out in an Indian beat and plenty of Italian drama. This is an original arrangement that stands up well against the pack. The rhythmic beat and solid power, and the thundering bass lines combine to create a fine version," said Phil Dirt, internationally-known surf music expert about Wave Invasion's version of the classic movie theme. Gary Sanderson (pictured), who switches between rhythm and leads, provides the song's driving rhythm line in live performances. For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Dirt on Wave Invasion's 'Bangalore'

Wave Invasion drummer Jeff Dover provided the driving beat behind the band's recording of "Bangalore" on "Which Way to the Beach?" Here's what Phil Dirt, surf music's premiere afficionado and reviewer, had to say about this cut:
"The Blazers' shredder 'Bangalore' gets tribal drums and lots of texture. A solid cover with lots of drive and panache. The rippin' glissandoes provide extra fire." For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.

Wave Invasion in New Gandy Dancer

Britain's New Gandy Dancer magazine had some nice things to say about Wave Invasion's "Which Way to the Beach?" in a review published in September 2005: "Very strong U.S. surf band here on some rollicking originals and powerhouse covers of the likes of Eleanor Rigby and a particularly excellent Good Bad & the Ugly. Great sound much of which must be down to the authentic equipment they use . . . Next album will include a James Bond Medley; cowboy theme medley Ghost Riders on the Storm and a surf version of Procul Harem's Conquistador but for now we highly suggest you have a listen to this cracking well worked set. 4 Stars (Davey)"

Wave Invasion in 20th Century Guitar

Here's what reviewer Robert Silverstein had to say about Wave Invasion in the March 2005 edition of 20th Century Guitar magazine: "Veteran guitarist Vince Motel puts his collection to the test on the first album with his band Wave Invasion. The back CD panel of 'Which Way To The Beach?' lists an array of vintage guitars used by Motel including his candy apple red 1962 Fender Jazzmaster guitar . . . Motel & Co. are masters of the vintage studio sound and the cool effects they use to get it like the strange sounding Hiwatt Echo Theremin. A round of sure-fire Motel originals mix tastefully with covers of Danny Elfman ("The Simpsons"), Randy Bachman ("Undone"), Max Steiner ("A Summer Place"), Ennio Morricone ("The Good The Bad And The Ugly") and The Beatles ("Eleanor Rigby"). Taking the guitar instrumental sound forward, Motel makes these songs his own on a five star surf-rock set."

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Dirt on 'Which Way to the Beach?'

Phil Dirt, one of surf music's preeminent historians and reviewers, gave Wave Invasion's latest CD "Which Way to the Beach?" a four-star rating on his popular web site Reverbcentral.com In part, he wrote: "Wave Invasion came out of the ashes of Surf Beat," referring to the SoCal surf roots of Wave Invasion lead guitarist Vince Motel and drummer Jeff Dover. "The originals are mostly solid, and the covers often fresh and inventive."

Phil Dirt's Picks from the CD: Elevated Operator, The Simpsons, Undun, Formosa Rectangle, Arkansas Wetsuit, Surf Bound, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Beaches and Hodads, Eleanor Rigby, Port Vue, Bangalore, Surf's Upper

Saturday, June 16, 2007

'Which Way to the Beach?' - Follow us!

If you're in search of Wave Invasion's latest CD, "Which Way to the Beach?," you're only a few clicks away. Featuring eight original tunes - along with surf classics such as "Surfbound" and "Bangalore" and over-the-edge versions of monster tunes such as "The Simpsons" and "Eleanor Rigby" - the album is jam-packed with hard driving instrumentals. It's available for download on several sites around the Internet. Click on any of these links, and you're on your way to full immersion into the Wave Invasion experience:

Friday, June 15, 2007

Wave Invasion: Live!

Two venues. Two intrumental styles. Two awesome videos. It's Wave Invasion, live and in concert. Click here for "Eleanor Rigby" at Martini Blues in Huntington Beach, CA in February 2007. Click here for "The James Bond Medley" at Market Night in San Dimas, CA in May 2007. Please, hold your applause. It's only a movie.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

At Glendora's Oak Tree Festival

Wave Invasion was invited to open for the classic rock band The Answer at the Oak Tree Festival hosted by St. Dorothy's Catholic Church in Glendora, CA in May 2007. Our old school surf instrumental sound brought many in the crowd to their feet as the band ripped through a solid one-and-a-half hour set. Wave Invasion, from left, is Richard Fisher, bass and keyboard, of Riverside, CA; Jeff Dover, drums, Hemet, CA; Vince Motel, guitar, Norco, CA; and Gary Sanderson, guitar, San Dimas, CA. For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.

At San Dimas Market Night

A narrow band of sidewalk near a fountain outside Albertson's supermarket worked just fine as the performance stage for Wave Invasion at Market Night in San Dimas, CA in May 2007. The band's three-hour instrumental set drew a crowd as hundreds of visitors walked along vendor's row. Wave Invasion's set included an extended James Bond Medley, captured on video and viewable by clicking here. Small, inflatable guitars handed out by the band were a huge hit with kids in the audience. For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

At the Southern California Fair

Wave Invasion tore it up at the Southern California Fair in Perris, CA in October 2006 - under the warm glow of Bud Light. There was nothing "lite" about the band's set, however, that ranged from classic surf instrumentals to television and movie themes and beyond. Its eclectic set list has made the band a favorite at shows, festivals and street fairs across Southern California. For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.

At the OC Music Awards competition

For the third consecutive year, Wave Invasion made an appearance at Huntington Beach, CA's Martini Blues nightclub in February 2007 during competition for the Orange County Music Awards. Included in its 30-minute instrumental set was a surf version of The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby," for which the band has received wide acclaim. Wave Invasion's YouTube video of the song has received a four-star rating.

At the National Orange Show

Wave Invasion blazed through a non-stop hour-and-a-half set of instrumental surf music at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino, CA over Memorial Day Weekend in May 2007. Wave Invasion, from left, is Vince Motel, guitar, from Norco, CA; Jeff Dover, drums, Hemet, CA; Richard Fisher, bass and keyboard, Riverside, CA; and Gary Sanderson, guitar, San Dimas, CA. For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.