Tuesday, June 26, 2007

TradeBit digs 'Which Way to the Beach?'

The Internet's TradeBit listened to Wave Invasion's "Which Way to the Beach?" and liked what it heard. Under the surfing guitar instrumental rock genre, it described the band's sound as seeming "like it's a gentle day at the beach, but it soon comes at you like a giant Tsunami of sound . . . Non traditional surf songs done in a surf style . . . They have an ear-catching sound that is dynamic and infectious."

Guitarist Vince Motel
, pictured, is behind many of the band's driving leads. "Not content to play the standard Surf repertoire, Wave Invasion has created their own sound and their own genre," TradeBit said. "They really don't fit into any of the standard music categories and audiences love the twists and turns they throw into every arrangement, to say nothing of the power and intensity of their performances. 'You never know what they'll play next' is often heard at one of their concerts." For an enlarged view, click on the photograph.

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